23 March 2013


Winter came back to bite this week. We had a big dump of snow...enjoy the photos.

11 March 2013

I'm Back!!!

New Plots Area

Medical Hiatus

Was taken seriously ill in Oct/Nov 2012 and have been recovering since. Well not all the time, been back on the allotment since new year, but not much to do on the old plot!

New Plots

I am on the allotment committee so have been busy with my post-illness time helping clear the waste land to the top of our plots, hoping to convert them into 4 new plots and a new wildlife/bee area.

My Plot 2013

I managed to re-jig my plot before I was ill, so I now have 3 greenhouses to play with and 4 large planting areas. I will endeavour to post updates, photos and videos again this year. Oh, and the odd weather report, it is rather chilly this year!