27 June 2008

Rainy, humid but nearly there!

Well it's the end of June - but tell the weather that - it's been cool/cold at night - fairly rainy and warm(ish) during the day. Anyway - I have cropped a bolting cauliflower and spinach - also some first strawberries and raspberries - all nearly there - including the peas and beans!

Here are some photos to enjoy:

22 June 2008

What's with the weather?

Summer has not appeared this week - so everything is a bit - well flat. Take today for example, it was only 12 degrees - rubbish - and the overnight temp a pants 8 degrees. Oh well - at least there is a lot of rain. Oh - and it is windy!!! Very windy!!! Will post more photos asap - when something is ready to crop.

16 June 2008

Allotments VS The Olympics

Thought i would post this - very interesting and concerning

Potatoes & Spinach a-go-go!

Have been busy digging up my spuds this weekend - yes I know a bit early - but I wanted some new potatoes and I needed to take the space over for my courgettes. The broad beans are going next - for my pumpkins.

Anyway - the spuds are lovely and extremely tasty. Think I will have to improve the soil a lot more next year as the soil is still quite poor and dry. I do have some main crops, which I am growing in pots in my back yard - much better soil you see.

I also cropped lots of spinach and rocket - I boiled this down to make Aloo Sag - basically fried onion, olive oil, butter and a bit of cheese. Absolutely delicious!!!

Anyway - the weather is cool again - around 18 degress max - but sunny with some rain. The beans and peas are doing well - and the next crop to come through is peas and broad beans - I should get a glut there!!

The salad crops are going well - with the exception of radishes (they have been rubbish this year) - but have had round lettuce and spring onions. Very good!

Will keep you posted with photos very soon - have been very busy lately - but will be posting at least weekly. Laters!

8 June 2008

New Updates

Apologies for the lack of posting - have had a busy time recenty. Anyway - it has been very warm - about 25 degrees, sunny and with some rain. Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure: