14 May 2012

Strawberry fields forever

Got some new strawberry plants in the post today from Sutton Seeds. Look weird but exciting!!

Strawberry Buddy - "A brand new everbearer strawberry, which will produce a steady supply of large berries from mid July right through to October. Unlike some older everbearers, it has been specifically bred with taste in mind, so its large, glossy red fruits are exceptionally sweet and tasty. Plus it shows good disease resistance too!". 

Framberry - "It may look like a strawberry, but this mouth-watering variety, whose seeds lie deep within the dimples of the fruit, boasts a delicious, sweet raspberry flavour. Harvest the juicy berries from late June to the end of July, and enjoy them fresh from the plant, with cream or ice cream, or even in cakes or salad".

Pineberry - "An unusual variety producing good crops of attractive white fruits with red seeds (which birds tend not to eat as they think they're not ripe!) that are ready to harvest in June. The succulent berries boast a sweet pineapple-like flavour, and are delicious straight from the plant or in a tasty summer fruit salad".

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