31 May 2010

Squashes and Peppers are in!

Been down to Lotty today to do a few jobs:

  • Planted Peppers
  • Made a bed in the large greenhouse
  • Planted Butternut Squash and Pumpkin in Greenhouses
  • Potted on a few flowers and veggies
  • Removed some old flowers and planted new ones

29 May 2010

Cold and rainy but I got an apple tree

Quick update: cold again today at only 10 degrees and very rainy.

But, went out yesterday to garden centre to buy an apple tree. It's a small self fertile tree that produces red apples (Red Katy). Have planted it in a large pot in my back yard.

New video to follow soon.

26 May 2010

Back to cool - but rain!

Been a strange few days since the hot hot heat wave! The weather changed to more cool northern breezes and now less sunshine.

Today it has barely got above 12 degrees and showers have moved in. The rain is welcomed and the plants are certainly enjoying the wet.

Popped into lotty after work - did a few jobs:

  • Trimmed Tomatoes (remove extra trusses)
  • Tied up the Tomatoes to longer stakes
  • Put netting over my shed to stop wasps from trying to nest there
  • I bit of weeding around the Onions, Garlic and Leeks - weeds love Alliums
Hope you like the wet photos!

24 May 2010

What an Odd Weekend

Source: Met Office
Well we are certainly being hit by the heatwave - got to 28/29/30 over the weekend. Greenhouse got very hot at 45 degrees. Anyway - the odd thing is the change from well below average in temps to well above average in temps in a matter of days.

Even stranger - the chances are frost will return to Scotland this week and we will see daytime temps back to the mid teens in England, just like the 1st part of the month - nuts!

20 May 2010

From cool to warm to hot

Haven't blogged for a bit - but this was due to the lack of action, and a few busy weekends.

First part of this month was dry and cool - actually very cool (-2 degrees below ave.) with a return of snow to Scotland and some frosty nights.

However, since 18th May it has suddenly got warmer and the chances are things will get hot to very hot in the next coming days.

What I have been up to:
  • Replanted some beans and squashes - rotted off in pots due to cold and freezing nights
  • Planted more of the Nasturtium hanging bags
  • Sown and planted some flowers
  • Planted out the cabbages, cauliflowers, early courgettes and sweetcorn (under bottle cloches)
  • Done loads of watering - have had no significant rain this month
It must be noted that we have had very little rain - April was in th top 50 driest months - I am pretty sure that May will come in the top 20.

Stats Check: 2007 = April was 4th driest on record then May = 10th Wettest & June = 2nd Wettest - amazing!!! Will 2010 go the same way?

Will follow with more photos (need to charge battery)!