27 February 2011

Subs day and yard work

Have to pay my subs today - a whopping 15 pounds.

Other than that, have done very little on lotty this month as it has been too wet. As an alternative, I have been working on the yard by tidying it up and also by some bedding plants / new wire racks.

I have also been chitting my spuds, but I must get down lotty and sow some Broad Beans - guess I will do this today.

Video and photos soon - when there is something to record!!! Such is the time of year- so much pent up excitment!!!

3 February 2011

February - it's nearly time

Not done much down lotty for a bit so not much to write about. However, on the home front, I have bought a Stewarts propagator so I can start off my tomatoes for this year.


Will do an end of Jan assessment vid and post asap.