31 January 2010

End of Jan 2010

As promised - a video and photo update.

Things done this this month:
  • Bought loads of seeds - and Globe Artichoke
  • Found some plastic box storage shelves lying about in an alley - utilised!
  • Put loads of chicken poo on soil and dug in
  • Planned & marked out new planting areas
  • Put new roof on shed
  • Made a new bed - recycling some bricks
  • Finally bough a wheel-barrow
  • Made a new water collection system / mended water barrel (thank god for 'no-nails')
  • Planted peas (see sticks + small windows)
  • Sowed some Leeks, Peas & Broad Beans in shed

All in all a fairly busy month that was mainly about physical building and digging jobs.

What to look out for in Feb:

  • How the outdoor sown Peas will do (this winter has been quite harsh)
  • Sow some more of the hardier stuff - Broad Beans, Peas & Leeks
  • Have general weed, tidy, patch up & paint of the shed/plot
Here's to Feb 2010 - oh and enjoy the vid!

24 January 2010

New raised bed & wheelbarrow

Spent some time yesterday moving some bricks from the house down to the allotment using my nice new wheelbarrow.

Used the bricks to edge the new allotment bed and create a paved area by my water butts. This was dug out from the area by the tree. Have a sore back - oh and I broke my spade!!

Watch the new video to see the difference.

19 January 2010

2010 - Long time no hear, but now it's a new year

Apologies for not blogging for ages. It's not that I have been not busy down lotty - far from it, just been rubbish at keep this diary thing going.

New Year's Resolution

It's 2010! This is my 4th season on my plot and things have certainly moved along.

I have a new shed, with a plastic roof and a solar panel, oh and the soil is very much improved.

2010 has been an exceptionally cold year so far - but even that hasn't stopped me - been sowing winter peas and broad beans

The new year's resolution - well to do a monthly blog (min) - so will start with an end of Jan10 assessment, with photos and a video - how's about that? (seems fair!)

Keep loving the veggies!!