26 April 2008


Some spring bulbs!
Lovely day today - felt very warm!

Weather last 24hrs
Max = 12.5℃ Min = 7.8℃

25 April 2008

The seeds (of change)

The seeds are growing well in my kitchen -Butternut Squash (front left), Sweetcorn (cardboard tube) and Tomatoes (front right and back).
Weather 24hrs
Max = 14.2℃ Min = 7.5℃

23 April 2008

Quick weather update

Well the spring weather is here - absolutely brill!!! More photos soon. Promise.

Weather last 24 hrs
Max = 16.1 ℃ Min = 7.7 ℃

22 April 2008

Superb Sunny Day

Well haven't been down to the allotment - went for a run instead through the woods. But, the weather has been fantastic - very sunny and warm. Am aiming to get down the allotment tomorrow - will take some photos then - all good!!

Weather 24hrs - sweet!!
Max = 14.0 ℃ Min = 4.0 ℃

21 April 2008

Lovely Day, Lovely Day, Lov....

Wow - what a difference a day makes - must have topped 14℃at some point. Things have definately shot up too. Oh - and the Butternut Squash seeds I took from a shop bought one have germinated. Cool! And - checked the seeds I sowed directly on my plot - Pak Choi and salad leaves are up - nice. Anyways - off to bed too much excitment for one day.

24hr Weather (prior to 9 a.m. today)
Max = 9.1 ℃ Min = 6.0 ℃

20 April 2008

New windows in!

Spent most of the weekend partying - not good for the head, but made it down this afternoon for some DIY. I removed the partition wall between the shed and the propogator - so you can walk in from the shed end. The effect is that it is a bit cramped - but it is at least somewhere to escape when it rains hard. On the plus side - it is still a functional seed 'forcing' house - esp. useful in this pants weather we are having - but word on the street is that 18 by Wed - so fingers crossed. Oh - end the windows are small square ones - changes the aesthetics a bit but still looks cool! Also - as the entrance is through the shed - in front of the glass can now be used for planters and tubs.

Last 24hrs weather
Max = 7.9
Min = 5.6 ℃

18 April 2008

Windows galore

Having found 1 big piece of glass yesterday - came home to find my sis had asked the builders down the road for the spare windows there. So - now have lots of glass! Excellent!
What I will prob do - is use the bit I found yesterday for the roof - and the wooden framed ones as a replacement set for the 'hole' left by the old broken pane.
All in all - a busy day tomorrow. Oh, and the other pieces of glass - I have put on my raised bed - as a cold frame.

Weather report - last 24 hrs
Max = 8.9 Degrees Celsius Min = 2.9 Degrees Celsius
Chances are - getting warmer by Tues of next week = 22nd Apr

17 April 2008

Got a new window

Excellent, found a really nice big bit of double glazing in a skip today!! Has a hairline crack in it - but hey - it's free!!! So got to finish fitting it at the weekend - and my propogater is back 'n' running - extra hot now!
Weather data - last 24hrs
Still flippin cold!!
Max = 8.5 Degrees Celsius Min = 1.8 Degrees Celsius
Oh my flower seeds and tomato seeds have all germinated!

14 April 2008

Hiatus is nearly over

Was getting a bit bored of not seeing much green on my allotment - but the weather is def. getting warmer - so let's get excited as the seeds turn into plants - then get into the ground. I say 2 weeks at a min!
Weather watch - last 24hrs
Max = 10.2 Degrees Celsius Min = 3.5 Degrees Celsius

13 April 2008

Crisis - what crisis?

Oh dear - seems the rot set in on one of my window frames - the result of which is that it dropped - splitting the glass!! Nevermind - it gives me the excuse to get my tools out and redesign the propogater part of the shed. My thoughts are to create a side entrance and therefore have a sit in area - if it gets rainy - so everyone's a winner!
Weather stats for the last 24hrs (getting warmer)
Max = 10 Degrees Celcius Min = 3.2 Degrees Celcius

12 April 2008

All hail - spring?!

Damn weather - still not very warm - or likely to be until after wednesday (17th). The showers are brief, with hail (big too) but the sun is strong. Have sown some more flower seeds and done a bit of thinning of veg seedlings that are getting nice and big - but there is not much going on just yet - oh well can't have everything.

Oh the pic! - it's not mine - it's for effect!

Weather synopsis - last 24hrs

Max = 8.3 Degrees Celcius Min = 2.1 Degrees Celcius

11 April 2008

Taking the Pea(s) - outside

The 2 varieties of peas I had sown (2 weeks ago - exactly) on my window sill have been planted out. They are protected by cardboard tubes at the moment, overnight, just to help them harden-off. I'm pretty impressed by their growth and should expect some quality produce in about 4-6 weeks. Just to remind you - they were; Ne PLus Ultra (200 year old variety - left) and Purple Podded (right).

Spring Weather Report

Just an update on the weather - it is a bit below-par on the weather front. It is a bit cooler but normally wet for this time of year. All in all - things are a bit slow on the growing front - but a few warm days will help things catch up.

Max air temp (last 24 hrs) = 8.3 Degrees C

Min air temp (last 24 hrs) = 3.4 Degrees C

10 April 2008

'The' Butternut Squash Experiment

Here's a thing - when you buy fruit and veg, have you thought about saving the seeds? Well I am always keen to save a bit of cash and do some experimenting - and as I was removing the seeds from a Butternut Squash last night, I saved some.

So today - I will sow them and see if it is succesfull - if so, I will collect other weird and wonderful 'extraneous' seeds.

9 April 2008

New lights @ night

(Some) Light relief in my yard

Have got some funky solar powered lights (£15) - these don't need wires or owt!! Will post a photo of them later when it gets dark - ooooh exciting!

Peas & Beans in my yard

Am off ill at the moment with an infection - so a light job was to construct a pea frame (see photo). The peas that have been growing on my window sill for 10 days are about 15cm high - so they have gone outside. As it is a bit cold, I have put cardboard tubes round them for some protection (hope it works). In addition, have planted some runner bean seeds - which I hope will take over as the peas die back. Also, I am hoping to use the same 2 pots for some tomato plants, later in the summer -using the canes/frames for the trusses - let's see if this works.

8 April 2008

Tomatoes + Yard

Jojo looking at the 'toms' in the kitchen - weirdo!
Have created some space outside (pots) to grow my peas + garlic I have growing in the window of my living room - they have all shot up (10cm) in just 12 days.
Tomatoes are on my window sill - have sown the following:
  • Cherry
  • Golden Pear
  • Marmande
  • Tigerella

6 April 2008

The Great Garlic Experiment

Please see previous entry!!

Return of the 'king - snow!!

Great - was busy getting excited about spring then the snow returned.

Nevermind, it was expected - but the sun is very strong and it feels warm.

Have go the following sown this week:

  • Pak Choi
  • Spicy Salad Leaves
  • Asparagus Peas
  • Broccoli + Purple Sprouting
  • Sweetcorn
  • Spinach
  • Radish

2 April 2008

Oh Happy day!!

I always like to pop by my allotment on the way back from work - this day was not different. But wait - what's this - yes - all my seeds have sprouted - top notch!!

Garlic from the fridge
I did an experiment with some garlic bulbs I had in the fridge. I split the big bulb and planted the pieces in some compost/yog pots on the window sill of the kitchen (last friday - 29th March). Well they are only growing very well and - not only that - the have rooted all the way to the bottom and the roots are popping out the bottom drainage holes - that's well fast!!!

1 April 2008

This ain't no April fool's joke!

It turns out that I have a small Wren (bird) nesting in one of my hanging baskets. Seems it likes that moss that I have put around the top, so has made a nice hole and created a hollow.Thing is:
  1. do I move it (it is right next to my shed door), and
  2. do I continue to water my basket - soggy chicks!
Oh the dilemma!