28 November 2010

Coldest November Night Ever!!!

Quick post - not been down lotty for a while due to being away from home...builders in.

Anyway - went down to make video, will post when I get home.

However, we have had snow and the Nov temp overnight was lowest on record for a Nov night.

Amazing stuff - so a very low Nov CET is likely now.

Enjoy the cold!

UPDATE: Nov CET came in at +5.2°C so that is -1.4°C below average.
That's chilly and ranks it in the top 100 coldest Novs of all time!

27 November 2010

Big freeze continues

Early Snow

Frozen Plot

Just Sprouts Left

Plot View

All Clear for 2011

13 November 2010

The great storm of Nov 2010

The big storm we had last week claimed my 2 greenhouses - both are too damaged.

Storm damaged roof

Collapsed greenhouse

Wind damaged roof - now repaired

Poo on fruit

Collapsed greenhouse

Recycled frame for shelves

More poo


Onions in

New arrangement + poo

Will use old frame for growing peas

Old frame for peas

Have more space to grow veggies - bonus I guess!

7 November 2010

PooFest 2010

PooFest is over for a year - put in 12 bags x 60 Litres (720 litres) of well rotted horse manure at a cost of £40.

So all in and will rot down for next year's growing season.

I smell a bit though!