25 August 2012

Winning @ Allotment Show 2012

A very successful year...despite the weather!

Allotment Show 2012

Top Vase Winner

The Top Vase Arrangement

Another winning year for courgettes

Winning Cucumber

First year winning with my Sweetpeas

No Parsnip category so put in this one

Good Blackberries this year

Won with my photo of an Artichoke

First ever trophy

Winning photo

Massive cup for winning flowers


Winning haul

Cool, Wet Summer...lots of green!

A green plot but things like tomatoes and courgettes growing slowly.

Green Beef Tomatoes..nearly there!

Lots of green...some red toms

Squash patch



Sweet Peas

New Greenhouse Frame

Blooming plot

Cabbage patch

Runner bean towers and Sweetcorn

Pumpkin patch


Sweetcorn and squashes

Overgrown plot

End of summer

Touch of blight in the top greenhouse

Artichokes and Fennel

Sweetpeas and Hanging baskets

Blackberry arch

Butternut Squash

Squash patch