26 November 2011

Start of the winter slow-down but still quite warm

Odd end to the year as it is still quite warm for the time of year; 14°C tops during the day and no night frosts. Considering the extreme cold of last year when we were getting -1°C during the day, this is a complete turn around.

See the following posts from last year:



Anyway, all this delayed winter weather means that all the winter sown broad beans (Bunyards Exhibition), peas (Feltham 1st) and onions (Senshui) are all sprouting and up. Let's hope the mild winter continues and we do not get any sever frosts / snow to damage these crops. Although, they are all under some protection.

December, January and February are slow months - but only 12 weeks till it all kicks off again...happy days!!

Cut the hedge

Early peas are up!

Early cauliflowers

Winter lettuce

Spring onions


More winter lettuce

Autumnal plot

Bare cherry tree

Drying house - currently drying wood

Brassica plot - been burning stuff on here

Carrot 'feature'

Empty plot

Onions are up

Peas, broads and onion bed

Peas are up

Peas under cover

Broad beans are up

Under a small poly-tunnel

Bare apple tree

Bamboo poles for peas

Bird feeders relocated

Clematis nursery

Trimmed hedge

Bare fruit bushes

12 November 2011

Britain in a day

Have been filming my allotment for Britain in a day project http://www.youtube.com/britaininaday

Hopefully my film of 'Allotment and flags' will be chosen!

Logan berry hedge 
Union Jack

'Feltham 1st' Peas 
Winter Lettuce and Cauliflowers 


Spring Onions

Indoor patch for  winter salads

Clear beds

Strawberry bed

Drying house

Brassica Bed

Carrot bin and path


Sprouting Onions

Broad beans, Peas and Onions

Early sprouting pea

Union Jack flag