24 December 2010

Flippin heck it's cold!

Well I am flabberghasted!! It is soooo cold. How cold, well this December could be one of the coldest Decembers since the 1650s. WOW!!

This evening we are expecting a low of minus 14!! So I think come tomorrow morning (Xmas day) I will need to pop down to lotty to say merry xmas and take a few photos of a very cold lotty.

These are exceptional times - not seen since early 1980s!
The weather has been cool all year - with some months coming in at some pretty cool temps:

Month CET Anomaly notes

January = 1.4°C / -2.4°C below average
February = 2.8°C / -1.0°C below average
March = 6.1°C / +0.5°C above average
April = 8.8°C / +0.9°C above average
May = 10.7°C / -0.5°C below average
June = 15.2°C / +1.1°C above average
July = 17.1°C / +1.0°C above average
August = 15.3°C / -0.5°C below average
September = 13.8°C / +0.2°C above average
October = 10.3°C / -0.3°C below average
November = 5.2°C / -1.4°C below average
December = -0.7°C / -5.5°C below average (provisional, to the 22nd)
Above average months = 5
Below average months = 7

1 December 2010

December's Here!!!

Ok - final month of my video series...will post asap (but been busy with redecorating etc..).

Main news is the snow and EXTREME cold - when I say EXTREME I do mean it. How's about -13!!!!

Anyway,  hope my onions will survive this.

Check out the graph:

Hadobs CET - smash that bottom line!!!
[Click to enlarge]