7 June 2009

June 09 - not so great

Damn Weather

Oh dear - we had 2 weeks of glorious sunshine. Which was a must, as the previous 2 weeks had been cool and damp. Lots of my seeds rotted off, so had to re-sow courgettes, squah, beans etc..

Anyway, we had an amazingly hot week (end of
May) - temps getting up to 26 degrees - and very dry - superb. But, as of wed last week (around 3rd June) all things fell apart. Now, you are lucky to see the sun and temps
are around 10 degrees tops (oh and how wet is it?!)

Mice & Rats
Bloody mice (& rats) keep diggin up my bean and courgette/squash seeds. So have re-planted some for the 3rd time. Have used netting - but don't know how good that will be.

Anyway - again - the weather has not helped - but I have some plants to put out.

Rest of the plot
Well - actually things are going ok:
  • Peas recovered after a mauling from the pidgeons
  • Beetroot doing well
  • Potatoes are gigantic
  • Broad Beans are looking the business
  • Tomatoes are hanging in there
  • Swede, Turnips and Brussels are doing rather well
  • Cabbaages are glorious
  • Strawberries are the biggest plants I have ever seen
  • Flowers going well and there are some nice things to see (Lupins esp.)

Just need some good weather now.