28 September 2010

More Re-Modelling

Rebuilding the path through the sweetcorn
Clearing the plot - leaving the sprouts
Oath down to shed

21 September 2010

Remodelling continues

As promised I stained the green waste bin - green! I also cleared some weeds / overgrown bits and continued to work on the plot remodelling. Oh and cut back the raspberries and caged them in bamboo.

New 'green' waste bin

Starting to build a new path

Where greenhouse used to be - now compost bins

Taming of the raspberries

Sweetcorn ripening

New paved areas

End of season shot

20 September 2010

On holiday - so a few remodelling jobs.

The remodel is for the waste bins - I now how 2 black bins for kitchen waste (1 empty for turning) and the green wooden side box for general garden waste. I also rebuilt the paths - all good fun. Will give them a green stain tomorrow.

New 'green' waste bin pre-stain

New access path

New access path

Green bin pre-stain

Green bin created from random wood, recycled nails and sweat

18 September 2010

Autumn Re-Design

Thought I would get outside today and do something practical (I have been indoors for 4 days nursing a heavy cold). So I decided to do the re-design I had planned to do - see pics. Rain beat me so will continue another day. I had to do a bit of mending, so used extra strong waterproof tape (one of the zips has gone - not a big problem). Also, got a new lock for the shed.

Rip it up and start fresh

New location for greenhouses

New greenhouse entrance

Busy re-modelling the plot

The end of season jungle

17 September 2010

When Sept Ends: First Frost!!??

Yes! Tonight will get down to about 2 degrees, so an air frost is likely!.
This does mean that the crops will start to die back and things will start to shut up shop for the year. Despite this - the pumpkins, sweetcorn and brussel sprouts will all be ready within the next 3 months. However, everything on the plot does have that 'end of summer' look. It is also a bit overgrown - so I must go down and take charge! n.b. I have had a bad cold the last few days - should have been going to Paris to see U2 :(

Getting near to the end of season

Superb butternut squash (maybe?)

Marigolds (grown from seed)

Globe artichoke

Green feast

Sweetcorn ready for pollinating

Butternut squash

Squash - but too cold for ripening at the moment


In full green 'bloom'

1 September 2010

Some photos

Have done a lot of cropping...end of month video to follow shortly!