30 April 2010

End of April Assessment

After the dry spell comes the rain, also getting a bit cool/chilly again - of course it's a Bank Holiday!

Few jobs done:

  • Planted Tomatoes in boxes
  • Made a Nasturtium hanging basket;
  • Tidied up my shed a bit;
  • Bought some more chicken poo and compost.

24 April 2010

Warm, Very Dry But Pretty

Been busy today planting some of the more larger specimens into the ground:

  • Spinach along the paths
  • Dotted some purple Kale about (looks nice)
  • Plant the Purple Sprouting Broccoli in a poly-tunnel
  • Put a row of uncovered Broccoli by the the bean arch

I have also been planting:

  • Sowed Purple Dwarf Beans
  • Sowed Green Climbing Beans
  • Sowed Yellow Climbing Beans
  • Sowed 2 varieties of Runner Beans
  • Sowed Berlotti Beans - Dwarf
  • Sowed Pumpkins
  • Sowed Zucchini
  • Sowed Defender Courgettes
  • Sowed Marigolds, Allysum, Petunias and California Poppies

Very dry on the plot at the moment no rain for ages, so watered like crazy.

Have picked!!

  • Rhubarb - now making a crumble
  • Chard & Spinach - cooking with a casserole tonight

Enjoy the photos - and 1 more week till the end of month video!!

17 April 2010

Very Dry Sunny - Volcanic!?

Quick visit down to lotty today to plant the cabbages.

Been an interesting week - an Icelandic volcano has gone off - so there are absolutely no planes in the sky or has been for the last2 days! Amazing!

As for stuff going on on lotty - well have been sowing seeds outdoors (Turnips / Swedes / Salad). Both the Swede and Turnip seeds have germinated within the week which is quick!!

All growing well - but lack of showers or rain is reducing my water butts to nothing. Another fine week is on the cards, although the winds are northerns which is bad news for the air-planes!!

10 April 2010

Warm + Sunny

Very warm today at 18 degrees.

Bought a thermometer for my greenhouse too - overnight low of 5 and during the day 25 degrees!!!

Here are some photos - the new path and planted a new hedge (from last year's cuttings).

5 April 2010

Free Bricks

Got some free bricks from my Nan - so managed to finish my paths.

Also - got the following done:

  • Broad beans in and under cloches
  • Peas in and protected by cardboard (pizza boxes)
  • Onions in
  • Tomatoes re-potted and now in greenhouse
Some assorted photos:

3 April 2010

Happy Easter!

April has started off quite well weather wise. Been down today, the sun has been warm but there is a slightly cold breeze - top temp of about 9 degrees.

Things done:

  • Potted on the Cabbages
  • Potted on the Broccoli
  • Potted on the Leeks
  • Planted the sprouted onion bulbs
  • Planted the Spuds in the large bag I bought for £1
Being an Easter weekend - may get some more jobs done - perhaps plant the Broad Beans?