29 May 2008

And then the rain came down

Had some really soggy days over the last week - which is a blessing. No more endless watering. Need to post some new picks cos everything is getting nice and green.
Weather last 24 hrs (where has summer gone?)
Max = 13.6 ℃ Min = 9.7℃

23 May 2008

Let's do the rain dance

This is getting silly - no rain for ages - oh well it's not as bad as last year (finger's crossed). Have picked my first crop - a nice batch of Pak Choi - see photo.
Weather last 24 hrs (not bad but not blazin')
Max =
18.3 ℃ Min = 11.4℃

18 May 2008

Pants! But not soggy ones!

Some nice photos to cheer me up.
Weather last 24 hrs (in a word - rubbish - but getting better in the week)
Max = 12.3 ℃ Min = 6.3℃

14 May 2008

Ahh - 5 days off - let's party!

Very good time to have some days off I feel - got planting and now weeding to do. So - i'm down the plot tomorrow - prob about 7 a.m. As for the growing - that's is going on a pace - have got to get my tomatoes in their new home, and have lots of plants to get into the ground - but will I have space? We'll see!! Oh - and can I have some rain? Touch wood - not like last year's complete wash-out though thanks!
Weather last 24 hrs (not so summery - but still good)
Max = 18.6 ℃ Min = 7.6℃

12 May 2008


Well it's been very warm for over a week now - lots of watering!

Weather last 24 hrs (summer stuff)

Max = 25.6 ℃ Min = 12.1℃

9 May 2008

Getting that warm feeling

It seems I am spending lots of time down at the allotment these days - you can catch me there before 8 a.m. doing some well needed watering and last thing at night (for the same reason). That's the problem with fine weather - no rain. But can't complain as this warm weather is excellent for the growing.
Most (if not all) of my plants are growing well and will be good for cropping in about 1 month - can't believe I have squashes in this early. Touch wood - no return to cold weather!
Weather last 24 hrs (that is amazing)
Max = 22.8 ℃ Min = 12.3℃

7 May 2008

April08 Photos

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Warm and crazy

Well - what a difference a day makes. The past 5 days have been great - really warming up. Just checking for today = 22.2℃ very sunny, should get a lot of growth this week.

Oh - got an email from Claire - off of clairesallotment - see YouTube bar - cheers!

Weather last 24 hrs (good lord!)
Max = 21.5 ℃ Min = 12.4℃

5 May 2008

What a top weekend for growing stuff

My trip up to Brum to visit my mate's allotment was successful - got a fantastic one!
Here are some photos of my allotment - well the seedlings bed & the newly designed shed - enjoy

Weather last 24 hrs (yes that is some cool stats!)

Max = 16.9 ℃ Min = 10.6℃

2 May 2008

May day May day!

Sorry - bad - but at least I didn't write - May the 4th be with you (ha! I still might!)
Anyways - I have not written much for a while - guess it's that bit in the year when you wait and see.

Shed update
I have changed the arrangement a bit - moved the door - will post some photos asap. Am off to Birmingham tomorrow to help a mate with his allotment - international allotment man of mystery am I!

24hr Weather report - chances are that temps will hit 20℃ this weekend
Max = 14.2℃ Min = 4.3℃