28 April 2011

Wild Birds on Lotty Video

April 2011 Video

Easter photos!

Here are some photos taken by Jane Green©. They actually feature me!! Oh and there are some great ones of my new bird population (well just a Great Tit) as I have invited them to my plot thanks to my new bird feeding station and my fats balls / mealworms.

Great Tit + fat ball

Great Tit

Arty tubs

Great Tit

Fat balls

Good shot of Great tit


Another Great Tit - or the same one!



Raspberry patch

Me planting stuff

Still no rain - but all looking good!

Been busy (as it is my hols):
  • Build new security fence
  • Planted a Pear and Cherry Tree
  • Painted the shed green
  • Planted the Nasturtiums down the fence
Staffs County Flag (on neighbours plot)

New security fence

New gate

Potatoes up - have earthed them up now - sorry Radishes!


Broad beans and Onions

Tomatoes and Nasturtiums 
Old compost bay - now replanted with Laural and squashes

New Cherry tree

New Pear tree

20 April 2011

All a bit of history repeating?

Seems we are either repeating the April of last year (excluding volcano) or 2007 or even 1989 - either way it appears that the very long dry spell and warm temps may mean a very wet May. Back in 2007 we had a very warm and dry April (record breaking) then record breaking May for wet.

Anyway - here are some photos:

Broad beans


Wild Flowers



Sweet Peas


First ever cucumbers


Rocket [left] Spinach [right]

Potatoes and Radish together [at last]


10 April 2011

What a warm week!

Certainly got warmer - about 20°C. Did lots of sowing last weekend and the Cosmos came up yesterday. The Coreopsis came up today - so 4 to 6 days to germinate.!!

Yesterday bought loads of bird stuff to try and attract them onto the plot - natural bug killers! Also spent some time building a bird feeding station - some 6ft high! Leaving yesterday - noticed a Great Tit and 2 Robins.

Sowed some carrots in bins - so no chance of carrot fly and the soil is pretty much stone free. Fingers crossed for 3rd year lucky. Put my large tomatoes in their final resting place - in sunken pots in the new greenhouse - surrounded by gravel

Lotty hub

Tomatoes in

Cabbage, Cauliflower, Swede, Beetroot and Swede

Broad beans and Onions (hanging baskets on poles) 
Homemade feeding station

New bird box 
Carrot bins

Rocket Spinach Lettuce

Hanging baskets 
Cosmos up

Peppers, Sweetcorn, flowers

Very sunny but dry plot

3 April 2011

Video of the new plot

Very busy week on new plot

Been a busy week sorting out my new (free) greenhouse - repairing and painting.

Frame as I got it
Stained green and new plastic roof
Back view with panel
Side view - I have a window and new retaining wall