31 March 2008

The Nov 07 Seeds

These are the seeds I had sown in Nov 07 - they are doing ok!
Photos taken: 23/03/08
Top Left = Lettuce - OKish
Top Right = Cauliflowers - better
Bottom Left = Rocket - fine as!
Bottom Right = Rhubarb - ok not seeds but looking good!

Some Update Photos!

Seeds are on the move!

Photo taken: 23/03/08
The pots (right) are the sprouts - they are coming along very nicely.

The large seed tray are some spare - cabbages and leeks - have loads already - but you never know what you will need to replace

As for the rest - not much movement, just a mixture of flowers and various veg - not beans or peas, as made the mistake of sowing them in here and mice got in!

28 March 2008

Soggy Spring - but there is a sign of life!

Rainy daze!!!

Just popped down to the allotment to do some watering (shed). Tooks some photos to show you what's going on right now. But all in all - not bad, as there are signs that things are sprouting - broad beans, peas, cabbages, leeks, sprouts, rhubarb and [not to forget] the buds on the fruit trees!!!

Will post some update photos later - stay tuned.

27 March 2008

The seeds have landed

*An emailed in update*
I have received my Ne Plus Ultra and Purple Podded pea seeds! Hooray!

Aerial view of allotment (urban field)

Let's get this party started!

Ok - Easter is over, we have had a full moon and the vernal equinox has passed - time to think about late spring and early summer.

Sowing the seeds (of love)
I started sowing the first seeds way back in Nov 2007, I wanted to see if I could grow some plants in my new propogator -shed construction - I tried the following:
  • Cauliflowers: these grew and are now planted out

  • Spring onions: these grew, have been transplanted to bigger pots and are hardening off outside

  • Lettuce: now these grew and I needed space in the 'shed' so 'dumped' them outside to 'do or die' - they are amazingly still alive - even after very very frosty nights

  • Rocket: this [again] needed to be let loose from the shed [space reasons] - but these have done the best - absolutely thrived in the cold weather - including snow!!!!

Will post pictures of all these later - bet you can't wait!!!

Sowing seeds - since Feb 2008

This has been a fun moment - since having the 'shed', I can now start everything off as early as possible. Yes I am taking risks, but I'm that kinda guy!! If it doesn't work - what the heck!! Will post a list of these seeds and updates later.

  • Potatoes - these went in on the 23rd March after being 'eyed-up' since Feb. They are the 'Swift' variety - so let's see what happens there!!!
  • Jerusalem Artichoke - never grown these before - planted them around the 18th March - you eat the tubers and it is an edible sunflower - the flowers are a lovely yellow!.
  • Pea & Broad Beans - originally sown in late-feb in the 'shed' but the flippin mice got them, so had to re-sow them - b*stards!! Nevermind - have replaced them with an RHS gold standard variety and some peas - inspired by the 'Victorian Kitchen Garden'!!

'The Victorian Kitchen Garden' DooVD

I have this amazing series from 1987 on DVD - biggup Peter Thoday (image) and Harry Dodson (RIP 2005)!! They talk about some 200 year old varieties of peas. I have been trawling the internet and found a website http://www.mammothonion.co.uk/ that were selling the very same 'Ne Plus Ultra' variety of pea and a 'Purple Podded' variety they talk about [see image above] - so all's good and I bought some.

Into Apri we go!!

The next coming month should be a fun time - so will keep posting the results - and failures. But it's all an experiment of sorts.