17 July 2008

Back from holiday!

Sorry for not posting for a while have been otherwise distracted (sorry lotty). Anways, the weather has been rubbish - prob the worst weather for a decade (IMHO). It has been hovering near late teens but nothing too hot - which is very poor for growing.

The cold plays havoc with my caulis!

Seems the cool / bordering on cold (yes heating has been on a couple of times) - this has caused many plants to bolt - esp. the caulis - they were getting nice round heads, but now they have turned into bolted flower heads.

Bloody slugs and snails

And to add insult to injury - all the snails and slugs are having a rare old time - munch everything in sight!!

Oh well - I must say my peas and broad bean have been a good harvest so far - so not all bad

Will post photos at the weekend - happy days.