24 October 2010

More clearing and planting leeks

Plot view

Remodelled path

Remodelled path (close up)

Replanted leeks


Cleared plot

Romansco brocolli

20 October 2010

First Good Frost of Autumn

Last night got to freezing with ice on the cars. More to come next week!!

The Guardian: Warning: cold weather ahead (20/10/2010)
"Frosts across the UK and early arrival of holly berries and Bewick swans herald a harsh winter to come".

Guess we wait and see - although Joe Bastardi and many others are expecting a really harsh winter in Europe and Russia.

17 October 2010

October Pictures!

Last of the sweetcorn

Clearing the plot

Gooseberry and blueberry 

Chard - bright lights

Long shot

Only a few left (now eaten)

9 October 2010

End of September Video

OK It's October - so where is the vid?

Sorry - been ill then busy tearing round the country. Monthly video will be uploaded asap. On another note - the weather has been cool to normal but this weekend is set to be a warm one. Although, cold weather will set in from next week. Lot so cold and snow predicted again for this year's winter - wait and see!

Here's some harvest!

Pumpkin / Apple / Marrow / Sweetcorn